• Checking and adjusting brakes

  • Checking and adjusting gears

  • Checking and correctly inflating tyres

  • Clean / re-lubricating chains and gears

  • Safety check - all nuts, bolts and fittings examined and adjusted correctly

  • Basic clean 


    The basic service is ideal for bikes which have simply been tucked away in the garage for a while or have not had too hard a life!  This service also covers building up a bike that has been purchased from the internet in a box for a birthday or for Christmas.

    Brakes and gears will be set up to work properly and quietly. Tyres will be inflated to the correct pressure for a smooth and efficient ride. Chain and gear components will be carefully cleaned and re-lubricated as necessary. A basic safety check will be carried out to ensure that nuts, bolts and fittings are all properly adjusted and safe. We will let you know if any further work or replacement parts are advisable but this is always at your own discretion.



    Includes all items shown for the BASIC / QUARTERLY SERVICE plus:

  • Checking and adjusting all bearings

  • Both wheels trued and straightened within limits of wear

  • Full wash, polish and valet

  • Personal set-up service to match your cycle settings to your body shape and riding style

  • Carry out a full road test


    All the features of the BASIC / QUARTERLY SERVICE but also includes re-lubricating and adjusting wheel bearings, headset and bottom bracket (crank) bearings where needed, truing and straightening of both wheels, full polish and valet for a sparkling bike. We will also set up your bike for the most efficient and comfortable individual riding position if needed. Bike will also be road tested.


    This service allows a little more time for detailed examination of the bike and is best suited to those people who ride a lot and understand that a regular service schedule will prolong the life of their cycle and keep it safe.