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We don't just do services - contact us for a quote on any cycle repair job from a puncture upwards. Our rates are menu based and are very competitive and typical examples are shown below:


By Brook Cycle Care - Labour Pricelist
Service/ Repair Who for? / How often? Description  Price (£) *
Puncture Repair All users / As necessary Inner tube replaced  15
Derailleur or Gear repair All users / As necessary Could include: replacing gear cables, re-greasing gear cables, indexing gears, alignments 35
Brake overhaul All users / As necessary Could include: replacing brake pads/discs, replacing brake cables, any necessary brake adjustment. 35
Wheel Truing All users / As necessary Could include: spoke replacement, spoke tension adjustment. 35
Headset Service / Re-build All users / As necessary Could include: replacing the headset, removing cleaning and re-greasing the headset bearings. 35
Bottom Bracket Service/ Replacement All users / As necessary Could include: replacing the bottom bracket, removing cleaning and re-greasing the bottom bracket. 35
Basic / Quarterly Service For occasional users / Every 3 months Includes: Full safety check, brake system checked and tightened, gear system adjusted and indexed, tyres inflated to correct pressure, chain re-greased.  Also for new bike assembly out of box  65
Full / Annual Service For regular daily users / Every year  As basic service but bottom bracket removed cleaned and lubricated, hubs and bearings serviced, wheels trued, all drive parts removed, cleaned and re-greased. Set up bike for individual riding positions. Bike road test. 100
* The prices listed are for labour only.      
Any parts required will be notified to the customer and fitted only with their consent.


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